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David Augistine

The team at San Diego Elder Care Solutions is amazing! My family needed help figuring out how to find the right type of care for my aunt who has Alzheimers. After taking turns as family caregivers we were exhausted and in desperate need of help. We worked with Debbie from the team who has a deep understanding of the different Assisted Living and Memory Care communities in San Diego. Fortunately, the timing worked perfect for my aunt to move in to a community not far from our home. Debbie was even able to connect us with resources to help sell my aunts house since she won't be moving back there. Now we see her almost every day and my family rests easy at night knowing our Aunt is safe and in a good place.

Joshua Jones

San Diego Elder Care Solutions is a life saver! A couple years back my family started noticing an increase in forgetfulness from my Uncle. At first it wasn't anything to be overly alarmed about, then it progressively started getting worse. It was an incident where he left the house and was found at a park nearby his home (with the oven left on) when we realized we needed to do something to keep him safe. Luckily SDECS provided the perfect options for a memory care community for my Uncle. Now he is safe and well cared for. Thank you again!!

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